As Dale Carnegie has said, ‘There are four ways in which we contact the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts, which are: 

  • What we do 
  • How we look 
  • What we say 
  • How we say it

Good etiquette can have a positive effect on each of these four key components of human interaction, and I think that is very powerful.

Corporate Dining in Style

(Includes 3 course meal)

  • Meetings and Introductions
  • ​Shaking Hands
  • Approaching the Table
  • Place Setting Details
    • ​Using Napkin
    • Knowing Utensils
    • Using Glassware
    • Bread Plate
  • ​Approach a table
  • Understand best seating
  • Seating a lady into a chair 
  • Communicating with the service
  • Dining
    • American
    • Continental
    • Silent Service
    • ​Messy Desserts

Life Skills 101

Coming Soon

Classes Offered

About the Trainors

Robin Wells is a marketing professional and Certified Etiquette trainer, by both theSociety of Certified Etiquette Trainers and by the prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia,

Prior to establishing Pinpoint Marketing Team in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Mrs. Wells accumulated twenty years of extraordinarily diverse experience, having both run and also worked in small, entrepreneurial organizations as well as global corporations.  Within those different businesses, she held positions in administration, human resources and gained very focused experience in corporate communications and product marketing.

In 2001, Mrs. Wells decided to leverage her background and founded robinFORD Marketing (now Pinpoint Marketing Team), a brand and image consulting business. As the result of her many years in both corporate America, as well as the hundreds of contacts she made over the past decade, she found herself with extensive professional resources available to her without the burden of a huge bureaucracy to slow down her ability to respond to her clients. She acquired many dozens of clients representing such diverse fields:

  • as the marine industry,
  • the beauty industry,
  • food and wine service,
  • health care
  • interior design,
  • architecture,
  • landscaping,
  • green technologies
  • and even other consultants.

As a consultant, she has been proud to be able to provide every client with the highest levels of professional and personal service combined with the unique creativity that will forever distinguish her business.

Pinpoint Marketing Team based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, delivers the same quality service in marketing and training, but with the addition of her partner and co-owner, Scotty Scott who brings a wealth of experience and like minded quality service to every project.  

Business Etiquette and Social Skills

Pinpoint Marketing Team TRAINING is dedicated to teaching young adults and professionals alike the art and power of social skills and business etiquette.   

Etiquette is really an expression of a person’s awareness of others and how we behave says a lot about how we regard others.  It makes the person who is kind and thoughtful a much more powerful person, an agent of ‘good’ in the world. It is this understanding that we try to impart to our students.